Bahaa Abdul Hadi

Bahaa Abdul Hadi


By: Financial Times

Iraq’s financial inclusion drive boosted by homegrown fintech

An electronic payments system disburses government salaries and welfare to some 7m citizens.
By: snntv

QI Cards Forging The Aspirations of Financial Inclusion In The Iraqi Economy

As the leading and premier FinTech Company in Iraq, ISC transformed the Iraqi market.
By: European Financial Review

Future of Iraq – A Digital Economy is the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Digital ID systems enable Iraqis to exercise their rights and access services. 
By: Electronic Payments International

Iraq’s Qi Card enables customisation with new Ekhtiyari Card

Qi Card,has enabled consumers to customise the appearance of their Mastercard with Ekhtiyari Card.
By: Mena Rghts Org

An Iraqi businessman facing charges arbitrarily detained and tortured

MENA Rights Group asking the UN experts to issue an Opinion as to the arbitrary nature of his detention.

5 Middle Eastern Entrepreneurs that made a change in their country

Top 5 Middle Eastern Entrepreneurs who have impressively made a remarkable change in their societies.

QI Card - Iraq's Leading Electronic Banking Solution

QI Cards success can also be attributed to the leadership of its Founder, Bahaa Abdul Hadi.


Achieving a Corruption-Free Iraq: The Qi Card Perspective

Qi Card revolutionizes Iraq’s financial sector with innovative technology, combating fraud and corruption.