Bahaa Abdul Hadi

Bahaa Abdul Hadi

Giving Back

Bahaa Abdul Hadi takes great pride in being Iraqi and strongly believes in his commitment in investing heavily in making a positive impact on its society. His strong sense of philanthropic spirit has earned him a reputation for making a positive difference, especially through his generous contributions to the community.

Empowering the younger generation

Bahaa places a strong emphasis on empowering the younger generation of Iraq by providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to reach their full potential. He believes in investing in his country’s future and providing his fellow citizens with opportunities of employment to create their own wealth.

Known as being the founder of several initiatives in Iraq, including Qi Card Company in 2007, Bahaa Abdul Hadi’s vision was and still is to benefit people from all walks of life. Moreover, he continues to support a large range of causes including educational and health initiatives as well as providing aid to those in need. In addition, him and his team organize and sponsor events that benefit the local communities by donating food and supplies to those in need.

Philanthropic activity

Bahaa is an active philanthropist and supports several causes including providing financial support to two orphanage institutions of 500 orphans as well as contributing funds towards a one-year training program that conditioned Iraqi specialists, in handling orphans with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Bahaa Abdul Hadi supports orphanage institutions of 500 orphans

According to Bahaa, philanthropic activity is an incredibly powerful way to offer support to those in need, and when it comes to helping orphans, the stakes are higher.

Bahaa Abdul Hadi support for orphans in Iraq

Eid al Adha and Eid al Fitr are both times of celebration and giving, particularly for those who are in need. Donating is a great way to show support for those who don’t have the same privileges and resources as those who have enough to give. In cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and social affair, QI Card has undertaken the Eid cladding project by donating to various departments that provide aid and support to the poor in Iraq.

in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and social affair, QI Card and its founder Bahaa Abdul Hadi provides aid and support to the poor in Iraq in Eid al Adha and Eid al Fitr

Some of the contributions in collaboration with Eid cladding were donating 40 wheelchairs to young handicapped and paralyzed citizens, as well as providing financial assistance to enable widows and elderly women with no caregivers, to start small projects from home.

financial assistance to widows and elderly women in Iraq

Giving back to the community is a fundamental part of any society. It’s our responsibility to engage in different forms of Philanthropic activity, such as supporting the elderly, giving back to children, donating blood, sponsoring orphans, and so on.

Bahaa Abdul Hadi Giving back to the community

Speaking out against injustices & Government corruption

As part of his vision, Bahaa sees collaboration between the public and private sector is also needed to promote economic competitiveness and innovation.  Unfortunately, Bahaa successes has attracted  the attention of a greedy and corrupted  government officials, whom exploited their power at his expense, in what can be seen as a blatant example of human rights violations. The case of Bahaa highlights the dangers of a deeply entrenched government system that fails to serve the interest of justice, as well as the people.

As an Iraqi citizen and businessman, Bahaa Abdul Hadi, is taking a stance against government corruption and fighting towards a better future for Iraq. Bahaa, despite being innocent of any wrongdoing, spent years suffering an array of hardships and is determined to make a difference by speaking out against the various injustices occurring throughout the country.